Garden Products with a Difference

British Designed and Innovated Garden Products

At UPI Ltd, we believe that everyone should have access to beautifully designed U.K. Products for garden living wether they have a large or small outdoor space.
We believe that the UK offers some of the best design and quality and manufacture that our customers deserve, so in 2010 we introduced a vertical planting system called the "Flower Tower". The Flower Tower™ is a free-standing tower that provides an easy to grow self-watering, low-maintenance column of blooming colour that is perfect for garden lovers who enjoy patio or balcony living.
The company started in 2010 and has built upon our belief for UK design and innovation products that support the ecology to maximise water and reduce feed usage. So there is no waste and minimum impact on the environment. We sponsor British companies that have an Eco-friendly ethos.
In 2016 the company launched our new range. A place for UK products to be showcased and acquired. It has 6 distinct garden product categories. These new products are supplied under the Useful and Practical Ideas (UPI)  brand being retained as the brand for our wholesale products range, which we continue to expand.

At Glee in September 2017 we launched a further 4 new UK designed products, including a new range plant watering systems called Plantpal.
In October 2017 we signed up the Texas Grill, a British Garden Architectural BBQ company where we have the rights to sell their product range.
We have a diverse international customer base encompassing the UK, continental Europe and the USA. We believe in supporting local businesses and Our Head Office is in Brentwood Essex. We decided to place our extensive warehousing and manufacturing in Norfolk the UK.

We are very committed to introducing a substantive selection of new products every year, along with leading design and innovation across the entire product range. Our products are designed in the UK by small companies and made to our specification. When sometimes use our factories in Asia to reduce the carbon footprint of transport, and we have a substantial bank of UK intellectual property covering both design and functionality.

UPI Ltd was created with our passion to bring customers UK designed garden products with a difference. We search for products that help you looking after your garden and enhance outdoor living whilst supporting small local business.