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Seduct Illuminated Planters

RRP start from £192.00 excluding Tax

The Seduct collection of planters is a great way to brighten any environment. 

These pots are produced using sophisticated moulding techniques with no join lines on the surface, which makes them very easy to clean. 

• They are made from semi-transparent durable plastic, which is lightweight and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

• The Seduct planters are frost and UV resistant, and have tube drainage, so can be freely used in the garden or back yard of any house. 

• A plug is also included in case the planter is chosen for indoor decoration. This collection offers pots with a modern interpretation of a classic look. 

• With coloured LED bulbs and remote control, it is a fun new way to illuminate your home or any other environment. 

• Simply choose a colour with the remote control to suit the ambience or use the dynamic, shifting spectrum to liven up a party.

Seduct Cam Square Luminous White Planter (Height - 86cm)

• Durable design with soft finish
• Manufactured from premium grade plastic
• Frost and UV resistant
• Large sized planter in white colour
• Lightweight planter and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Seduct Cal Round Luminous White Planter (Height - 60cm)

•Durable Design with soft finish
•Manufactured from Premium-Grade Plastic
•Frost and UV Resistant
•Large and White in Colour
•Lightweight and Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Illuminated Planters

ProductRRP (Excluding VAT)Weight (gm)BoxPallet20" Container40" ContainerPrice
Seduct Cam£224.00650018--

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Seduct Cal£192.00600013--

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