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The Texas Grill BBQ 

Let’s get the party started

RRP £1499.00 (excluding tax)

Introducing The Texas Grill by Silverback - Designed by Chefs Engineered by Experts 

The very latest BBQ that lets you cook from all angles,

Cook. Entertain. Enjoy. Silverback products have a life time guarantee are created using the very highest quality materials and flawless British craftsmanship.

The Highest quality - We manufacture and install our beautiful hand-crafted Tripod Grills into any home garden with an existing fire-pit. We select only the finest highest quality materials and use the best of traditional craft methods and modern technology.

Theatre and a trend setting - Our Swinging Texas Grill is characterised by a unique combination of quality, design, durability, theatre. 

Professional Edge
- Designed for event catering this is a professional set up that is now available for your home. It offers authentic coal grilling with professional control.

All our products are handmade in Great Britain.

Let’s get the party started.  It’s easy to assemble and you will be cooking in 30 minutes.

The Winch - Take total control of the heat with the grill
winch- flaring is now part of the taste and theatre of barbecuing, brought under control with one turn of the winch.

Built to Entertain - 800 mm grill for the ultimate BBQ
party. Cook for the family or for the whole street. This grill can handle a real Texas herd. Load it up- and if you run into trouble (or you need a beer) one turn of the winch and the heat has been silenced.

Two Grills - 2nd tier grill for slow cooking pork belly,
brisket, jacket potatoes or just keeping your food warm.

Restaurant Grade Grill Mesh - Stainless grill with
restaurant sized mesh for the ultimate meat char scores.

Cleaning and dismantling is easy and packs down to 3 small kit bags or leave it standing for your friends to admire.

Texas Grill


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